Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins

This catch of the day could be the dish of a lifetime!

First Date à la MaggieTake one lovelorn diner owner (me).
A generous helping of nosy local gossips.
A dollop of envy at married sister's perfect life.
A splash of divine intervention (my matchmaking priest).

Combine ingredients with one adorable puppy, add a strong but silent lobsterman with a hidden heart of gold . . . and watch the sparks fly.

This was the first Kristan Higgins book I have read. It was a GREAT book! I really enjoyed the characters and the setting of Maine, was something I haven't read much about. I enjoyed learning about local customs, especially lobster fishing. The book was very funny and the romance was sweet. I liked the character of Malone because he was portrayed as a smart man of few words. Not everyone likes to talk all the time and I'm glad to have read about this character. Reading this book prompted me to read a few more of Kristan Higgins books and I'm really glad I did. Over all, this was a very good book.


Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

Awww! I just love that cover. Have a great week. :-)

Mary said...

Kristen, I read her Too Good To Be True last year and LOVED it! Even though the plot was rather far-fetched the story had me laughing throughout. I went out and bought all her back list. Can't wait to read Catch of the Day : )

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