Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I Know About Love by Kate le Vann

Things I know about love.

1. People don't always tell you the truth about how they feel.
2. Nothing that happens between two people is guaranteed to be private.
3. I don't know if you ever get over having your heart broken.

Livia Stowe's past experiences with love have been nothing but disappointing, but all that is about to change. After years of illness, she's boarding a plane for the first time to spend the summer in Princeton, New Jersey, with her brother who's studying abroad. This Brit is determined to make the most of her American summer and to record every moment of it in her private blog.

America is everything that Livia's ever dreamed of. And then she meets Adam.

Swept up in the promise of romance and the magical New York City that Adam shows her, Livia is smitten, but with all she knows about love, is Livia really ready to risk her heart again?

My Thoughts:

This was another short book! The book started out well, talking about how the main character Livia was going on a vacation to America to visit her older brother. It was interesting to read the book in it's blog format, but I felt like the blog posts were just too long. If you read a regular blog, the posts are no where near as long as these were. I also felt like the book didn't flow very well. One minute you were in the present and then the next you were in the past hearing about one of Livia's old boyfriends. I could have done without that. I also didn't care for the ending. It was not a happy ending and it was very abrupt. I really wish that this book was longer. It would have made the storyline a little more interesting.


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