Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review - Hold Me If You Can (Soulfire, Book 3) by Stephanie Rowe

HE IS HER DARK AND GLORIOUS PRIZE... — Stephanie Rowe is an acclaimed author whose high-octane romances are attracting a growing readership.  The third in a paranormal romance series packed with danger, sensuality and clever twists features Nigel Aquarian, a warrior with an artistic bent, and Natalie Fleming, a chocolatier who has a new lease on life.  But her freedom comes with a dangerous gift she doesn't want.

Nigel and his fellow warriors have only just escaped imprisonment when an even worse threat emerges.  Natalie is the only woman who can help Nigel -- but she's also the one most likely to bring him down.

My Thoughts:

This was an OK book.  It wasn't awesome but it wasn't horrible.  The book took me a while to finish, a few months.  I just couldn't get into the book, but I really wanted to finish it.  

I really enjoy Stephanie Rowe's books.  They are funny and always have interesting topics.  This is the second series I've read by this author and while I liked the first series better (The Immortally Sexy Series), the first few books in this series weren't bad.  

This book was about Nigel, a sexy warrior who enjoys drawing.  The heroine is Natalie, a chocolate shop owner.  The secondary characters are interesting as well.  This sounds like a good storyline right?  The book was a bit slow in parts and there was just too much silliness.  I really do enjoy Stephanie Rowe's books though so I'm still looking forward to her next book.


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